Your Guarantee


We understand that everyone is unique in their needs, so we guarantee to tailor our service to suit you. Before your project starts we consult with you about your prefered method of contact and the level of input you would like on decisions during the project.  We agree on the best procedure.   

If your preferred level of input is to leave us to make most decisions, we guarantee to send you a weekly progress report so you are kept informed. Should you wish to have more direct input into your project we will contact you before any important decisions are made to discuss options so you are able to choose the best for you.  

Should there be a need to make changes to an agreed schedule of work we guarantee to document this clearly and to get your agreement before incurring any additional expense.

In the unlikely event we should get it wrong we guarantee to remedy at our expense.


We guarantee to document and give you a copy of the key information of your project to ensure your needs are met first time.

We promise to listen to any concerns you may have and to respond with appropriate solutions.

Should you feel at any time that you are not being heard clearly we guarantee to make every effort to understand your perspective.


We recognise that having building work undertaken while you are still living in your home can be unsettling.  We promise to respect you and to respect your home. We supply floor protection, isolate the work area (especially where children are present), utilise dust control systems and put in place security measures to ensure your home is kept as clean, safe and secure as possible.

We clean up at the end of each day, and minimise rubbish on your site.   

Should you have any particular concerns we guarantee to look at strategies to reduce the impact of these.

Quality Workmanship

Because we want to ensure that your project is built and finished to a high standard we guarantee that all our works are supervised by a fully qualified builder.