How to Transform Your Home In 7 Steps


1. Initial Meeting

Arrange a time to meet - normally on site.  Have a discussion about what you want to achieve, what you like, what your lifestyle is like, what your dream for the space is, how you use the space currently and how you see yourself using it in the future. What annoys you about it and reasons for wanting to change.

2. Preliminary Ideas and Budget

Discuss and present preliminary ideas and/or solutions.  Suggest approximate cost estimates

3. Design and Development

Consult with designer / interior designer - if required.   Produce concepts sketches, look at photos and brochures together to develop ideas

4. Final Design Confirmation

Present and discuss final design plans.  Present and discuss price estimates providing details of inclusions and exclusions.  Discuss schedule. If you are happy, complete the Wilson Builders Agreement.

5. Working Drawings and Consent (if required)

Prepared by designers.  Submitted to council.

6. Pre-Commencement

Schedule start/completion dates.  Sign off on any final design changes. Arrange deposit.

7. Construction

Regular site meetings and progress updates. Discuss and approve any necessary changes. Watch our skilled team transform your home.