1. Qualified Lisenced Building Practitioner (LBP)

When you select Wilson builders you can rest assured that a qualified LBP will be supervising your project. As an LBP we can carry out restricted building work and you can be assured that all workmanship will not only be to the highest standard but will also comply with all relevant regulations and codes.

2. Over 10 Years Experience

With over 10 years experience in building we have a vast knowledge of the industry and a wide practical skill set. Our strong problem solving skills and innovative mind-set puts us in good stead should your project involve any new challenges.

3. Overseas Experience

Bruce spent over 1 year in London completing the interiors of high end replica homes, mastering the techniques of finishing to an extremely high standard, and is able to utilise these skills in his current work.

4. Small Team

Katelin manages the office and accounts. As we are a small team we are constantly communicating with each other, your questions are addressed by those in the know.

5. Established Base In Dunedin

Settling back in Dunedin 3 years go has given us time to establish a strong working relationship with our trusted subcontractors ensuring we have the best people on the job.  We have a good awareness of how they work which helps us to keep your project on track.

6. Excellent Communication

Good communication is key in any project. At Wilson Builders we pride ourselves on keeping everybody on the job informed, from the apprentice through to the client. This ensures everybody knows what to do and what is expected of them. And you as the client are always in the know about what is happening and what stage the project is at.

7. Registered Master Builder

When choosing to work with Wilson Builders you can have confidence in knowing that we are a member of the Registered Master Builders Association. This means we have complied with their strict membership requirements and can provide you with a wide range of benefits including the backing of the 10 Year Master Build Guarantee.